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The Entertainment Committee

26 Oct

Here I am cozied up in the shack and Happy, so far today, has enjoyed:

Early morning treats with LB at 5:00

Sleeping in ’til 8:30

Running with me

Another treat (I spilled my shower on him, poor boy!)

A nice mid-morning nap

An outing to the PO and the OC

An early sup at 3

And a good rousing of the Titty Tat.

Now he’s whining at me and my response: “What do I look like? The Entertainment Committee?” At which point, I bust up. I think of M. I have just listened to M’s message on my phone (right before rousing of Titty)… “Hi Pol, um, I’m just calling because I’m thinking about next weekend. It’s the first day of hunting season and um, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to call AOK and Milk Made to go for a little thrift shop in Farmington or something. I was just thinking that would be fun, so give me a ring when you get a chance so we can chat about it. OK? Love you, bye.”

This makes me think about long summer days when Bro and I were just wee brats with trees to climb, a stream to paddle or fish or catch frogs in, holes to dig, pea shooters to shoot, gloves, bats, balls, bikes, Mario Bros., books, crafts, cookies to cook, and Friends, and still we whined, “MMMMMM, there’s nothing to doooooo.” To which, her response, “What do I look like? The Entertainment Committee?”

Hahahaha. So why do I write of this? Two reasons:

I don’t know if I’ve made this clear, BUT reading this blog would be more fun if more thrifters would ex-press themselves and just write a line or two. I can’t possibly get to all the thrift stores in the state (especially with an animal to entertain) in a decent amount of time as to have this blog be accurate and up to date. Comment, Ya’ll! I know you thrifters are out there!

My response to M was an obvious, “Yes!” and she still is, as evidenced by the phone message relayed above. She wants to go thrifting! Woop! So this is an all call to girls to get out and thrift on Saturday. I think we should all Orange Up (or should we choose our own color?) for the fun of it. Let us call it Shopping Season. Now, what’s Happy going to do on Saturday?


Thrift Gifting

22 Oct

October for me is birthday month. By the time Halloween roles around I’ve consumed so much sugar that I just want to dress up as the sugar does in birthday cake. I think everyone has one of these months or seasons where things just cluster and tickle Overwhelm. Generally it sneaks up on me because it is also the month of the first quarter report card in school. Since I am sans school this year, I’m showing signs of improvement.

I ease into the birthday month with Happy, my favorite. His prezzie can be a pan of lasagna skrids and he’s happy. Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever sung Happy Birthday to anyone named Happy, but if you have you know how silly and (wait for it!) happy it is. If not, well, just try it. It’ll make you happy, I’m sure.

Then there’s Marshola, LB’s best bud of retired raft guide status and he loves me for my salsa. I love him for fawning all over something so hot and fresh.

Annie Mac is next, the mum-in-law. I love her for loving animals, dogs most pointedly, because this cuts down on the thinking (how comforting to know someone so well! Some people make it easier than others) and it is guaranteed she will love anything along these lines.

Next is Hall Cred Med. She’s a besty. Her birthday should be celebrated because for every year she lives, she looks a year younger. Not many people have this knack for celebrating birthdays. It helps that she is short and styley and smiles with big cheeks. This year I am giving her a necklace. Jewelry is my fav to give her, because she wears it. I’m giving her this necklace that I bought the day we went school shopping at the Eco min and she said, “you should give that to me.” It was not a hint. It was just a frigging cool necklace that I spied first. I think my response was, “I just out-thrifted you.” I’ve had that necklace for a couple months and while I’ve admired it hanging there on its nail, admittedly, I’ve only worn it once and Med did love it. So that’s for her along with thrift wrap.

Then there are Anders (Med’s handsy 2 year old boy) and Natalie Jay Cooker (my monster baby niece). For these guys, the thrift gifting gets harder. I have this pressure and this desire to make them things that they will look back on it 40 years and say, “Ant P made that for me. She was so crafty and thoughtful and full of love.” I mean, what aunt doesn’t want to be adored and memorialized by her love stored in material objects? Am I trying to hard? Anyway, the big question here is what will a 2 or 3 year old love now and in 40 years? I am thinking I might try to find a sweater for NJ and then felt a big red heart to sew on or I have this little patch with a monster on it that says, “Me love you!” and he’s all growling and being monsterish. She would prob get a kick out of that. Anders…..hmmm, maybe I’ll make him a big stuffed Happy dog.

OUIsaiah is next, and I’ll just FB him and if I happen to see him, he’ll get a beer and hug.

Last of the month on October 30th is Michael Mac, my almost 19 year old nephew. Most of the time we just give him money, but I always want to do something more meaningful. Money is, after all, the whole big bully we are trying to ignore (and maybe he’ll go away). Material objects are also sort of ho hum, because he has a lot of those. He is also a little stuck. He doesn’t admit it, I wouldn’t either, but he is. Doesn’t know what to do with himself. Or maybe he does and he’s just clamming up, and, if that’s the case, I get that. I go through clammy stages. But he’s so special and sweet and I just want my gift to have an aura of love. Like if he were lonely he could wrap himself in it and be all snug. Or maybe something so function-focused that every time he uses it he thinks, how did I ever not have this?

Thrift gifting, after all that, is not shopping for a brand name, but for a person and all their individual ass pecks.


Orange up!

8 Oct

Hunting season started here in Maine last weekend. Whether you live in the woods (dodging gunfire) or the city (dodging traffic), you should have some orange in your closet–function and fashion.  From experience I can say that the Solon Thrift Store is usually reliable.  Last year I picked up a puffer vest that goes beyond hunter orange.  It is almost uncomfortable to look at it is so bright, and it’s reversible with this soft gold color to switch to if necessary.  I think it was a dollar. They always have a strong supply of knitted orange hats.  In Maine the turning of the leaves prompts the digging out of hunting regalia regardless of whether you hunt or not. Try a hunting vest with an oversized flannel and some skinny jeans or just an orange hat with anything.

I was at the Eco Min two days ago and didn’t see a lick of orange, which surprised me.  Generally they are up on the seasonal needs of their customers.  They did have a healthy stock of Halloween material including the thickest bathrobe I’ve ever seen, a gorilla suit, and plenty of suits, dresses, pajamas, and a few uniforms (nurse, etc.).

While I didn’t pick out a costume, (I need significant help here.  I can never decide, and if I do, I never like how it turns out.  I’m thinking Jane Fonda workout this year, simple enough.) I did get a few things. Namely a Polo sweater, an oatmeal-colored Citizens of Humanity sweatshirt with not a spot on it, a Nine West purse, and a brown leather belt. LB found a couple of t-shirts.  All for $6.30!

For those without plans for Halloween yet, Goodwill is doing a benefit party in Portland, Maine at the Eastland Park Hotel.  If your costume comes from Goodwill (I think you have to show receipts), you will be entered into a raffle for…It does cost …. To get in, but you can afford it because you bought your costume at Goodwill.

I remember when M used to give me and Bro $3.00 to go down to our little thrift store, the New Portland Community Thrift Store which is still in operation,  to rummage around for costumes. The younger  we were, the more creative. The Big Mac Moon and Mary Poppins come to mind. As we got older and M became less responsible for our costumes, they went down hill:  punk rocker, bum, MC Hammer.  M also made sure I was wearing orange for the entire duration of hunting season much to my fashionable dismay. I didn’t care if I got shot evidently, as long as I looked good. Strange how we grow into things, then out, then back in again once we figure out that, as kids, we had it made.

So take some time, kids, and orange up in the face of Halloween and Hunting Season. M says.


The Bed Bugs Win

6 Oct

I picture them getting a good night of sleep before breakfast in bed, then crawling into cute outfits and tromping around the city until hunger drives them back to their hotels to get another healthy meal and another night’s sleep.  No trip to NYC for me, not yet anyway.  Maybe in November…