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GF Thrift Swap

20 Nov

For a good time, get together with some girlfriends, some wine and cocktails, about 10 loaves of bread, and 10 bags of old clothes. Our second annual swap was again, a success.  Highlights…Tra trying to swap a sex toy, Liz trying on fake boobs, Jenny scoring a good luck job interview outfit, Stiffy’s chocolate wine, and really, 10 loaves of bread…

new jacket

new jacket for Jenny


Tra in her new fab polka dot skirt

Sparkly sweater

Not quite her style but funny to try on...

Leather suit top

Old leather suit top--a must have this season

work out clothes

Liz is very excited about her new work out clothes!


Consigning at Find in Portland, Maine

12 Nov

So I collect things from thrift stores that I think could be cool or useful some day.  After a while, this thrift stash builds up, starts to take up space, and proceeds to drive me a little nutzo.  Solution:  time to consign.  My stash was a small collection of vintage finds.  I wanted to take them to my fav consignment store in Portland, Material Objects, but getting stuff into Material Objects is like getting into college. Application, interview, etc.  Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little.  You have to have an appointment and you can call 207-774-1241 to make that happen. I didn’t have an appointment.


Find, Portland, Maine


To Find I went. They are a “clothing exchange and style gallery.”  Now Find is a pretty great place, but it is, to be honest, really expensive for a second hand clothing store–unless you consign there. The deal with Find is that if you want cash on the spot for clothes, they’ll give you 30% of what they think they can make on your stuff. Or, if you want in store credit, they’ll give you 50%.  For my measly little bag of clothes, I earned $70 in store credit. This translates to a couple pairs of really nice jeans,  or a few shirts, or one excellent score (jacket, boots, bag) and I’m psyched.  I’m liking Find more and more.

Steph found this awesome bomber while we waited for my clothes to get sorted.  Find is at 16 Free Street in Portland, Maine.

Find in Portland

Mad bomber hat from Find

The Come Back Thrift

7 Nov

Hi Friends!

Thanks for your patience with the stupid maintenance on the site!  Fact of the matter is, I’ve been really busy with my real job and I’ve not been able to give the story its time.  I had big plans for a new logo and some other site bells and whistles, but that will just have to happen when it can.  Meanwhile….

What’s going on in the world of thrift?

Prices are going up, friends, and this might be the oxymoron of our time. You heard me, it’s getting expensive to shop at thrift stores. Don’t believe me?  Go to Goodwill.  It’s now trendy to be thrifty and whenever there’s a trend involved, the masses unknowingly create a demand.  In just Farmington, Maine alone (small college town) there are 7 “thrift stores” that I can count. 7!  I mean this is exactly what we thrifters want, but come on.  There is still a Walmart in town and if the prices are cheaper there, then that is where people will go.

What’s new here at Thrift Story?

Organization.  Like every good wardrobe, organization is key.  You’ll see a new menu item, “Maine Thrift Store Reviews.”  Scrolling over this menu item brings a drop down list of Maine towns and clicking on a town will give you a review of every thrift store I’ve been to in that town.  This organization will also allow for adding on other states or other fabulous places around the world.  PLEASE feel free to write a review or a response by commenting at the end of the post.

How can you get involved?

Well, if you want to write a Thrift Story or a review, please email me with your intentions and I’ll set you up! You can subscribe to Thrift Story which means that new posts in Thrift Story will be sent directly to your email or your reader of choice. You can go to Thrift Story’s Facebook page, click the “like” button and become a part of the shorter story there.

What’s in the next chapter of Thrift Story?

Well, there’s that dang logo.  But I want this to be a useful community site for thrifters.  Thrifting is hard work and takes a lot of time.  My goal is to make thrifting easier by offering reviews and stories of crazy thrifting adventures to entice non-thrifters to join the movement.

I’m also going to change my tone a bit. In the past I’ve been shy about posting negative reviews.  Instead I just wouldn’t write anything about a store.  This leaves holes in my claim of “authority” and quite a bit of “amusement” often coincides with a thrift store gone wrong. Plus, my duty is to you, the thrift shoppers.  And you deserve to know about smelly places, annoying pushy proprietors, and outrageous prices, along with all the good stuff.

So, THANK YOU!  Thank you for being patient, thank you for reading, and thank you for thrifting.  You are changing the world, one thrift score at a time!