Camden, Maine Thrift Shopping

24 Feb

So LB and I headed down to Camden for a foodie Friday, and of course, we were able sneak in some thrifting along the way. We went to Paolina’s Way for lunch–an Italian restaurant committed to serving almost exclusively organic and local foods.  We tried a salad, a wood-fired oven pizza, and some local brew–all were delish.  While on the expensive side for a simple lunch, I always feel good about paying more for healthy local goodness.  And since I save so much money shopping for my wares at thrift stores, I can afford to eat well.:)

First stop on the thrift tour was Frugal Suzy’s, a consignment boutique on Elm Street. LOTS of deals here.  The sign on the door advertised 50% off any article of clothing with a tag over a month old. This encourages a wide range of prices and the quick movement of merch.  Like. Jewelry was buyable, shoes were in good shape, scarfs, purses, and accessories were all fashionable. The clothes were a little over stocked for my tastes.  I don’t want to have to fight with a rack of clothes to sift through it.  I get frustrated when I have to pick up things that fall off the rack or untangle coat hangers.  Makes me grouchy and hot.   Still, if you could manage to get though it, super finds and fashion were everywhere.  The girl at the counter was wicked friendly and I could have chatted her up if it weren’t for LB and Awesome! champing (shouldn’t it be chomping?) at the bit. They have no use for boutiques and get antsy in the car.

I was really frugal at Suzy’s and didn’t spend a dime, not for a lack of trying.  I hate it when things don’t fit–especially a sweet pair of Seven Jeans.  Too short.

On to Heavenly Threads.  This place RULES.  Just the location is enough to make me heart it. Upon entering, there is a cute little desk and a spiral stair case that invites exploration.  I was greeted by two aproned volunteers who started right in calling me the new girl.  It was my first time–I was the virgin Mary in Heavenly Threads. They were so sweet!  I LOVED this place.  A little on the expensive side for a thrift store, but huge specials happen daily; Friday it was 75% off anything corduroy.  After checking out the downstairs, I was invited to proceed up the secret staircase to the not-so-secret-after-all stash of vintage yummies. A little landing at the top of the stairs offered plants, scarfs, and other oddities.  The room to the right held all sorts of old outfits, some wearable on a daily basis while others were rad costumes. The room to the right was full of glam get-ups for men and women–suits, gowns, and shoes.

I struck out again on fashion here, but I did manage to find two cute little plant pots and a crazy green scarf (spring is coming and according to this months Glamor, vibrant colors are coming into style).   Men, women, children, come and get it here. And give too!  By spending money at Heavenly Threads, you support Habitat for Humanity, Coastal Hospice, the Rockland Soup Kitchen, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and about 10 other charities. Wow. Yup, I’ll go back.


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  1. alyssa willey February 25, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    Hey! :) It’s me- Alyssa from Frugal Suzy’s! So excited to see you post about us! Love your blog!

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