Thrift Stores in Salem, Maine

13 Jun

Economic Ministry, Salem, Maine

There is only one thrift store in Salem, the Economic Ministry. This place is amazing.  I go here on a weekly basis and write about it often.  This past Friday I found two t-shirts, a pair of jeans, some sweat pants, and some crafty stuff–all for under $4.  That’s unheard of.  The week before that, I bought a romper for 50 cents. This place is amazing not only for the superb deals, but it does so much for the entire county. In 2010, this place provided over 20,000 meals for people in need, 20,000!  They also helped families who lost their homes to fire, were just simply homeless, or were moving to the community.  It’s a hidden gem.

They have men’s women’s and children’s clothes and shoes.  They have a toy department, a home department, and a craft department. I buy a silk scarf almost every time I’m there and walking out empty handed is next to impossible. If I could recommend one thrift store, considering my thrifting experience, this would be the one. Take a thrift tour to the EcoMin and enjoy.


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