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Blue After Christmas

29 Dec

Had to go to Farmington yesterday to take my Kitty to the vet.  He was admitted and had to spend the day, and luckily I brought my computer and about five bucks. Before heading to the library, I decided to get a little thrift fix at the Farmington thrift store on Broadway.  I’ve never much liked this thrift store–it smells like moist dog, its not very organized, and the behind the counter people are not really that friendly, but I was looking for something specific and I thought I had the best chance of finding it here.

Redneck wine glass

Redneck wine glass

I was looking for clear glass candle holders.  My friend Gretchen crafted me up a redneck wine glass for Christmas and man!  Those things are worth recrafting and so simple. Just epoxy the candle stick holder to the bottom of the ball jar, and cheers!

To make a medium-sized story short, I didn’t find the candle stick holders, but I did find these wicked cool blue sneaks. I’m a little leery of potential germs when I thrift shop, but for four bucks, I thought I could figure out how to kill some germs. With a little alcohol and baking soda, they’ll be new to me. Happy thrifting!Blue Addidas Sneakers


Rudolph, The Thrifty Red-nosed Reindeer

18 Dec

I was in a bind.  I waited until the very last minute to put together my outfit for Santarchy Skowhegan.  I had a nose from the Coplin Co-Op and antlers from Reny’s, but I put the rest of the outfit off until the morning of.  I really needed a jacket because, unlike the rest of our Maine winter so far, it was supposed to be cold that day. LB says, “Well, we can stop at the Solon Thrift Store on the way over…”  Brilliant!

I did the best I could with what I had at home, and off we went, putting all our faith in one single stop at one single store.  Not only did I find the perfect jacket, brown, fuzzy collar, warm, I also found ribbons for my reigns.

Perfect Rudolph jacket

Beginning of the night...


Christmas Hug
Me with LB at the end of the night…

Merry Christmas!


Consigning at Find in Portland, Maine

12 Nov

So I collect things from thrift stores that I think could be cool or useful some day.  After a while, this thrift stash builds up, starts to take up space, and proceeds to drive me a little nutzo.  Solution:  time to consign.  My stash was a small collection of vintage finds.  I wanted to take them to my fav consignment store in Portland, Material Objects, but getting stuff into Material Objects is like getting into college. Application, interview, etc.  Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little.  You have to have an appointment and you can call 207-774-1241 to make that happen. I didn’t have an appointment.


Find, Portland, Maine


To Find I went. They are a “clothing exchange and style gallery.”  Now Find is a pretty great place, but it is, to be honest, really expensive for a second hand clothing store–unless you consign there. The deal with Find is that if you want cash on the spot for clothes, they’ll give you 30% of what they think they can make on your stuff. Or, if you want in store credit, they’ll give you 50%.  For my measly little bag of clothes, I earned $70 in store credit. This translates to a couple pairs of really nice jeans,  or a few shirts, or one excellent score (jacket, boots, bag) and I’m psyched.  I’m liking Find more and more.

Steph found this awesome bomber while we waited for my clothes to get sorted.  Find is at 16 Free Street in Portland, Maine.

Find in Portland

Mad bomber hat from Find

Thrift Finds at the Dover, Maine Thrift Store

8 Jul

So every year there’s this day, July 1st, that marks another trip around the sun for me.  A couple years back, I graduated to a different kind of birthday celebration–instead of a party with gifts and cake and all, I’ve asked LB to plan a little adventure for us.  I LOVE IT.  I don’t know what to pack for the day (or days) ’til just before we leave and even then, I don’t know where we’re going ’til we get there.

This year, it was Gulf Hagas, the grand canyon of the East, and a two hour drive north and slightly east for us. The drive takes us through many little Maine towns like Abbot, where we stopped for yums, Dixfield, Dover, Dover-Foxcroft, Milo, Brownville, and Brownville Junction. These little Maine towns remind me of old people, but even older with their wrinkles, scars, memories, wisdom, and hope.  Old Maine towns (aren’t they all old?) seem to settle back into their history, and at the same time lean into their youth with a hopeful twinkle in their eye.

Driving through Dover, we came across this sign:Dover Thrift Store

Only open on Fridays from 10-4?  Just my birthday luck!  A little leg stretcher thrifting.:)  A super store, that if you drive by and  see open, is worth the stop.

Dover Thrift Store interior

LB with his new 60 cent red shorts.  Can’t wait to see him in the shorts.;)

new shorts

I was actually going to make one of these before I found this one for 10 cents.

little loom

The lady volunteering there was very camera shy.:)

Dover Thrift Store Volunteer

It was a happy birthday full of thrifting, my boys, hiking, treats.

Abbot Village Bakery birthday treats

Me and my boys at Gulf Hagas


Thrift Stores in Salem, Maine

13 Jun

Economic Ministry, Salem, Maine

There is only one thrift store in Salem, the Economic Ministry. This place is amazing.  I go here on a weekly basis and write about it often.  This past Friday I found two t-shirts, a pair of jeans, some sweat pants, and some crafty stuff–all for under $4.  That’s unheard of.  The week before that, I bought a romper for 50 cents. This place is amazing not only for the superb deals, but it does so much for the entire county. In 2010, this place provided over 20,000 meals for people in need, 20,000!  They also helped families who lost their homes to fire, were just simply homeless, or were moving to the community.  It’s a hidden gem.

They have men’s women’s and children’s clothes and shoes.  They have a toy department, a home department, and a craft department. I buy a silk scarf almost every time I’m there and walking out empty handed is next to impossible. If I could recommend one thrift store, considering my thrifting experience, this would be the one. Take a thrift tour to the EcoMin and enjoy.


Thrift Stores in Solon, Maine

13 Jun

The Solon Thrift Store is one of the best.  A true thrift store, it’s hard to find something over $5.  The Solon Thrift Store is a sister to the Economic Ministry in Salem, Maine, and both are connected to the United Way.  Things here are old, new and in between.  The place is in a big old building on French Hill Road (take a right at the blinking right if you’re headed north on 201).  There is often a pile of stuff on sale in the front yard and you’re bound to find something for 10 cents.  This funky place is where I used to do most of my shopping as a sophomore in high school.  If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.


Thrift Stores in Kingfield, Maine

13 Jun

The only thrift store in Kingfield is the Main Street Boutique.  It’s a small place with some nice clothing.  The last few times I’ve stopped by, I haven’t found a thing.  I also haven’t been able to find them online. Thrift stores are always worth a stop, in my opinion, and strolling around this small and ever improving town is quite charming.