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Thrift Finds at the Dover, Maine Thrift Store

8 Jul

So every year there’s this day, July 1st, that marks another trip around the sun for me.  A couple years back, I graduated to a different kind of birthday celebration–instead of a party with gifts and cake and all, I’ve asked LB to plan a little adventure for us.  I LOVE IT.  I don’t know what to pack for the day (or days) ’til just before we leave and even then, I don’t know where we’re going ’til we get there.

This year, it was Gulf Hagas, the grand canyon of the East, and a two hour drive north and slightly east for us. The drive takes us through many little Maine towns like Abbot, where we stopped for yums, Dixfield, Dover, Dover-Foxcroft, Milo, Brownville, and Brownville Junction. These little Maine towns remind me of old people, but even older with their wrinkles, scars, memories, wisdom, and hope.  Old Maine towns (aren’t they all old?) seem to settle back into their history, and at the same time lean into their youth with a hopeful twinkle in their eye.

Driving through Dover, we came across this sign:Dover Thrift Store

Only open on Fridays from 10-4?  Just my birthday luck!  A little leg stretcher thrifting.:)  A super store, that if you drive by and  see open, is worth the stop.

Dover Thrift Store interior

LB with his new 60 cent red shorts.  Can’t wait to see him in the shorts.;)

new shorts

I was actually going to make one of these before I found this one for 10 cents.

little loom

The lady volunteering there was very camera shy.:)

Dover Thrift Store Volunteer

It was a happy birthday full of thrifting, my boys, hiking, treats.

Abbot Village Bakery birthday treats

Me and my boys at Gulf Hagas