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Blue After Christmas

29 Dec

Had to go to Farmington yesterday to take my Kitty to the vet.  He was admitted and had to spend the day, and luckily I brought my computer and about five bucks. Before heading to the library, I decided to get a little thrift fix at the Farmington thrift store on Broadway.  I’ve never much liked this thrift store–it smells like moist dog, its not very organized, and the behind the counter people are not really that friendly, but I was looking for something specific and I thought I had the best chance of finding it here.

Redneck wine glass

Redneck wine glass

I was looking for clear glass candle holders.  My friend Gretchen crafted me up a redneck wine glass for Christmas and man!  Those things are worth recrafting and so simple. Just epoxy the candle stick holder to the bottom of the ball jar, and cheers!

To make a medium-sized story short, I didn’t find the candle stick holders, but I did find these wicked cool blue sneaks. I’m a little leery of potential germs when I thrift shop, but for four bucks, I thought I could figure out how to kill some germs. With a little alcohol and baking soda, they’ll be new to me. Happy thrifting!Blue Addidas Sneakers


Rudolph, The Thrifty Red-nosed Reindeer

18 Dec

I was in a bind.  I waited until the very last minute to put together my outfit for Santarchy Skowhegan.  I had a nose from the Coplin Co-Op and antlers from Reny’s, but I put the rest of the outfit off until the morning of.  I really needed a jacket because, unlike the rest of our Maine winter so far, it was supposed to be cold that day. LB says, “Well, we can stop at the Solon Thrift Store on the way over…”  Brilliant!

I did the best I could with what I had at home, and off we went, putting all our faith in one single stop at one single store.  Not only did I find the perfect jacket, brown, fuzzy collar, warm, I also found ribbons for my reigns.

Perfect Rudolph jacket

Beginning of the night...


Christmas Hug
Me with LB at the end of the night…

Merry Christmas!


Rockland Goodwill Brings Good Cheer!

23 Dec

So I got an email today from my good friend Stache. It’s perf just the way it is so I’m gonna C and P it for you to enjoy….

Hey Dudette,

Find any good thifty gifties? [Little  Stache] went shopping for [Mrs. Stache] at the Good Will in Rockland-It was her idea. She quickly made two friends and they looked at every breakable in the place and chose two wonderful lovelies for her mom. As we walked in the store she said “I am going to the breakable aisle and you’re not.”

Little Stache is 4. Merry Christmas!


Clothes Swap and Wine-Induced Fashion Show

29 Nov

Thrift Swap

Having a lot of girlfriends is something I am really thankful for all the time. Try this holiday idea:  instead of buying gifts or trying to cook something for each of, organize a thrift swap. We exchanged funny little pieces of ourselves.  XO