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Be Right Back!

4 May

Hi Thrifters! I’m going to do a little work on the look and feel of Thrift Story. I have a few design ideas that I’d like to put into action, but in order to do that I have to take Thrift Story into the dressing room to try these new things on—see if they fit. You can “like” Thrift Story on Facebook and subscribe to Thrift Story in the meantime if you want receive the latest thrift reports and musings of a Maine thrift drifter.



13 Nov

This was just too crazy to pass up writing about, even though it technically isn’t about thrifting.  It is about shopping, however, and at Cumberland Farms nonetheless, somewhere I never go….LB and I were headed to the movies so we stopped by Cumberland Farms to get some supplies. I put the stuff on the counter and the dude rings it up.

“Seven ferty-nine, please.”  I looked up from digging in my wallet.  No, I thought, couldn’t be. I double-checked.

“Did you just say seven ferty-nine?”  My laugh was threatening to bust out.

“Yup, seven ferty-nine.”

The dude said this straight-faced!  I hope, hope, hope  he was messing with me, but either way, I fought it was brilliant.


The Entertainment Committee

26 Oct

Here I am cozied up in the shack and Happy, so far today, has enjoyed:

Early morning treats with LB at 5:00

Sleeping in ’til 8:30

Running with me

Another treat (I spilled my shower on him, poor boy!)

A nice mid-morning nap

An outing to the PO and the OC

An early sup at 3

And a good rousing of the Titty Tat.

Now he’s whining at me and my response: “What do I look like? The Entertainment Committee?” At which point, I bust up. I think of M. I have just listened to M’s message on my phone (right before rousing of Titty)… “Hi Pol, um, I’m just calling because I’m thinking about next weekend. It’s the first day of hunting season and um, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to call AOK and Milk Made to go for a little thrift shop in Farmington or something. I was just thinking that would be fun, so give me a ring when you get a chance so we can chat about it. OK? Love you, bye.”

This makes me think about long summer days when Bro and I were just wee brats with trees to climb, a stream to paddle or fish or catch frogs in, holes to dig, pea shooters to shoot, gloves, bats, balls, bikes, Mario Bros., books, crafts, cookies to cook, and Friends, and still we whined, “MMMMMM, there’s nothing to doooooo.” To which, her response, “What do I look like? The Entertainment Committee?”

Hahahaha. So why do I write of this? Two reasons:

I don’t know if I’ve made this clear, BUT reading this blog would be more fun if more thrifters would ex-press themselves and just write a line or two. I can’t possibly get to all the thrift stores in the state (especially with an animal to entertain) in a decent amount of time as to have this blog be accurate and up to date. Comment, Ya’ll! I know you thrifters are out there!

My response to M was an obvious, “Yes!” and she still is, as evidenced by the phone message relayed above. She wants to go thrifting! Woop! So this is an all call to girls to get out and thrift on Saturday. I think we should all Orange Up (or should we choose our own color?) for the fun of it. Let us call it Shopping Season. Now, what’s Happy going to do on Saturday?