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Clothes Swap How-To

20 Nov

More than two weeks prior to the swap:

1.  Send invitations. Facebook makes this really easy, but if you’re like me, you have some anti-facebook friends. Don’t forget about them!

2.  Start digging through your clothes (and other material objects), buy a bottle of wine or two, and think about some yummy easy food thing you could make…

3.  Perhaps think about hosting with someone. Stiff and I did and it made things easier, even thought it wasn’t that hard to begin with. Plus you get to share #4 below.:)

On the day of:

1. Put clothes in a bag that you don’t want back (use these bags to take to the thrift store later)

2. Cook your awesome simple thing. (I made curried apple soup with raita and crusty bread—yum! Sounds more complicated than it was.)

3. Clear a spot for clothes (living room floor worked well for us). Turn on lights and make a full length mirror handy.

4. An hour prior to girlfriend arrival, have a preparty cocktail. Stiff and I recommend a chocolate martini (chocolate vodka, mocha Kahlua, and Bailey’s to taste, all over ice). Prepare finishing touches (a hat and scarf draped over something at the end of the drive, open a bottle of wine, take food out of the fridge, stock silverware, lay out plates, pick music and dance randomly, etc.)

During the party:

1. If instructions are necessary here, have another drink and start thrift swapping!

2.  Take pictures of your beautiful friends!

After the party:

1. Bag up clothes and give them to a thrift store, shelter, or other worthy and welcoming place.

2. Water?