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I Believe in Thrift Shopping

4 Jan

So far, this is why:

10 cent boots (high heal, leather, hot)
OR winter jacket for a buck
JCrew cords, one pair for $2.00, the other for $1.50
LL Bean purple puffer vest, 50 cents
JCrew lounge pants, brown, velore, 50 cents
T Shirt for a dear friend, “I’m still hot, now it just comes in flashes”
JCrew mohair sweater, gray, 5.00

And this is just the start. I made a resolution at the beginning of the school year (I’m really a teacher), to only buy clothes, excluding socks and undies for obvious reasons, for an entire year. I was thinking I’d save some money and maybe the earth, and maybe influence others to do the same.

Plus, the deals are cool, but there is something about a thrift store that promises thrill and excitement, maybe even danger. There is certainly more of a story with each thrifty adventure than, say, going to the Gap….