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Destination Bangor, Maine

11 Mar

A Thrift Tour

Took off with thrift sister, LT, this morning after dropping off Awesome with M for his first day of care. The ride was crystal clear thanks to a minor ice storm that swept through most of Maine the day and night before. The trees were ice statues on the blue sky and the sun, bright as day, needed another log on the fire if it was going to free branches. We drove directly to Goodwill to meet Becoming Crafty, LT’s college roommate and thrift sister of another mother.

I’ve been to this Goodwill before and I knew it’s treasures. They should rename this one Greatwill.  After hugging, chatting, and hugging again, we got down to the biz at hand. We spent a good hour or more here (we didn’t get through the whole store) and LT came away with some jeans, some summer earrings, and a Bar Harbor, Maine sweatshirt. She likes Maine things—shows her true colors back in Cali. Becoming Crafty held up a bubble gum pink blazer to LT. “What do you think?” In true friend fashion, LT replied, “ummm, try it on for me.” BC swung the jacket over her shoulders and her face brightened from the flash of pink into a bubble gum glow. LT: “That’s a definite yes.” BC bought the jacket and wore it for the rest of the day.

We moved on to Hands of Hope, BC’s fav thrift store.BC and LT going into Hands of Hope, Bangor, Maine

This store has a great home section and she buys cheap decor, re-decors it, and sells it in Serendipitous."Becoming Crafty" at Seredipitous

Minor tragedy struck here. I found a thing-grabber. It was old with a wooden handle and metal components for the grabber function. I tried it out by pinching LT’s butt from a good distance away. It worked perfectly! But, being the spacer that I am, I left it on the dressing room floor while I was trying on clothes and left it there when I walked out. Sad face. A thing-grabber is a true find.

After lunch we headed to downtown Bangor. We found a new thrift store, the Yankee General Store. This place was an interesting mix of random movies, clothes, candy, and camp chairs.Yankee General Store, Bangor, Maine

Almost directly across the street was American Retro. American Retro, Bangor, Maine

A skinny little place, it was packed. A mix of old and new, a few vintage finds among urban ins. Here I tried on jeans, a vintage Woolwich vest, a tank top with one side strapless, and another tank top that looked much cooler on the rack than it did on my bod. Everything was too small. I hate that. I always feel like it’s my fault. I scored inspiration here–for cutting up a few t-shirts into the lopsided tank for the summer. The chic behind the counter here said to BC, “That’s a great jacket.” BC looked through her arm load of clothes to try on, looking for the jacket counter girl was speaking of when she realized it was the little pink jacket she was wearing that was the topic of the compliment. “Sweet! Thanks! I just got it at Goodwill!” Love it!

Whilst in town we visited Bella Luna–a store featuring FX Dressed, a thrift find altered fashion line. I’m going to include FX Dressed in the list of thrift crafters I admire. Anyone who can hop on a sewing machine and jam out fashion leaves an impression on me. This store, while far more expensive, is worth noting and worth visiting.

The last store on the tour was another not-quite-a-thrift-store store. Metropolitan Soul was a gifty place featuring lots of Maine crafters including one of my favs, Funk Stitch. vintage jewels at Metropolitan Soul, Bangor, Maine

There was a quaint room in the back with vintage clothes, shoes, and jewels and a FREE bowl. Yes, a FREE bowl. I’ve never seen such a thing. Here I found a t-shirt for LB. It was designed and printed by Myklo Designs. A Myklo Design at Metropolitan Soul in Bangor, MainePerhaps the next thrift tour should be by bike?


Rockland Goodwill Brings Good Cheer!

23 Dec

So I got an email today from my good friend Stache. It’s perf just the way it is so I’m gonna C and P it for you to enjoy….

Hey Dudette,

Find any good thifty gifties? [Little  Stache] went shopping for [Mrs. Stache] at the Good Will in Rockland-It was her idea. She quickly made two friends and they looked at every breakable in the place and chose two wonderful lovelies for her mom. As we walked in the store she said “I am going to the breakable aisle and you’re not.”

Little Stache is 4. Merry Christmas!