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Traveling Jeans; A Follow Up

5 Aug

Remember those Seven Jeans I flaunted not long ago?  Well, let me just reiterate how much you need a pair.  Recently, I saw another little piece of the world in the way of flying to Lake Tahoe, gathering up my sister, LT, and driving with her back across the good old US of A, Good Moring, America style.  She was moving Back to Maine.  In short, I only had a back pack, and in this back pack I carried an Apple Ipod Touch, Bloodsucking Fiends, a Cell phone, and so on until J (which is the important part).  Jeans, but not just any jeans, mind you, the Seven Jeans. I wore them for at least part of every day for seven days. They didn’t appear dirty, at all (and you out there who have road tripped or lived with LT know this is amazing), they dressed up or down, and they didn’t sag in the butt or lose shape anywhere else, and they were comfy. Effing brilliant jeans.

Traveling Jeans

LT and me, early morning in Wyoming. Check out my jeans. This is day 3.