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Sometimes It's the People That Make a Place

9 Sep

Girl’s day with LT.

Silence is not so golden when shopping. Music, chatting, noise of some sort (minus kids screeching) is like a soundtrack to the whole experience. Walking into the Bearly Used Boutique (no website) in Waterville, Maine, was like walking in to Steel Magnolias.  The place itself is on the main drag, 104 Kennedy Memorial Drive, and it’s just an old house turned consignment shop, nothing special.  But as soon as I opened the door, the voices of about ten women immediately pushed my happy button.  LT and I wandered in and started poking around. Lots of clothes!  So we shopped, and listened to the sweet nothings of the girlfriends keeping shop (so there were only 5 of them).  The proprietor of the shop was just soaking up all the work around her, chirping in when she could, but then there was a register girl, a steam cleaner girl (how refreshing to actually SEE someone steam cleaning the clothes they put on their racks!), and two organizer girls taking things out of bags and sorting them into departments.

Lots of jeans!  Though I didn’t buy any, this was the place to go for jeans, even the place to find jeans to cut into shorts that are in.  We tried on many pairs and LT came out with some flattering skinny jeans to wear with her Frye boots. I bought a Billabong sweatshirt that was black on the outside and a yellow with an old school stereo design on the inside. Score!  And all to the tune of laughter and conversation of the boutique beauties.

I give this place an A-, if I’m going to be a teacher about it.  Above average selection (though squeezed to tightly onto the racks, hate that), quality, entertainment, and radiation of happiness.  I will definitely return to the Bearly Used Boutique, not only for the awesome selection, but to experience again these women who made the place.

Note to parents:  This place also has tons of kids clothes, furniture, toys, etc. Get there!