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Smart Thrifting

21 Feb

Reitman Shirt from Wears and Wares

$17 consignment credit - $4 for this shirt at Wears and Wares

Consign Your Stuff

I recently brought a whole bunch of clothes I never wore to Wears and Wares in Farmington, a consignment shop at 413 Wilton Road.  I am a fan of that store (and wish they had a FB page!), and it’s close by so consigning is easy.  I have 3 months in which to sell my clothes.  A visit after 2 months reported that I had a $17 store credit. I didn’t find much I was into that day–could have been the Treasure Chest I had visited randomly hours after the incident.  I did manage to find a score, a Reitmans short sleeve sweater in LB’s fav color for $4. I still have a couple of weeks before my contract is up so I’ll visit, shop around, cash out or keep credit and take my unsold clothes back.  Easy and all in a day’s thrifting.